New Class Format

Education Department Introduces New Class Format for Winter Session

While walking through the Playhouse parking lot after seeing The Cocoanuts, maybe you thought to yourself, “I’d love to take a beginning dance class, but I just can’t commit to that long of a time frame.” Or, “I know my kids would love to take an acting course, but their schedules are busy enough as it is.” In the effort to provide Playhouse patrons with more feasible and varied educational opportunities, the Education Department has decided to make a series of format changes to the upcoming winter class session. Changes will include…
  • Shortening the duration of the class session from eight weeks to six weeks.
  • A number of classes will extend from 60 minutes to 75 minutes so that no teaching time will be lost.
  • Addition of Saturday morning classes and an expanded menu of class offerings at our Montclair Community Center satellite location. (132nd and Center)
  • “Special Interest Sessions” – Two weeks prior to the start of each regular session, these workshops (two or three hours in length) will focus on specific topics such as stage combat, dialects, auditioning for musical theater, leaps and turns, hip-hop and assorted other dance or theater topics.

    The Winter Special Interest Session will start on Monday, January 12th and run through January 24th. The regular Winter Session will begin Monday, January 26th and conclude March 6th. Class brochures will be mailed and available for view online beginning November 15th. If you have ideas for class topics or feedback for the Education Department, please contact the Education Coordinator at 553-4890 ext. 131.

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