UNMC Special Programming

Fun Home Programming Brings Community Together
This fall, OCP partnered with Orchestra Sponsor, UNMC, to provide the Omaha community with special programming opportunities surrounding the production of our season opener, Fun Home. Opening night festivities included live drawings by a local graphic artist, an appearance by the Dundee Book Company and information tables staffed by UNMC and the Kim Foundation with information on mental health and suicide. Throughout the run of the production, OCP hosted three post-show Talk Back panel discussions on the topics of mental health and suicide, LGBTQIA+ and graphic novels. The programming series was capped off with a Science Café event held at the Slowdown that covered the psychology of stress, pain and suffering. Thank you to all in our community who attended these special programming activities. We are incredibly grateful to all of our community partners on who contributed to this important project. We would like to extend a special thanks to UNMC for helping to encourage dialogue and shed light on these challenging topics in our community.

A Christmas Carol Cast

CAST LIST - 9/26/2018

Ebenezer Scrooge—Jerry Longe
FredJosh Peyton
JakeJared Dominguez
NellAllison Wissman
Bob Cratchit—Chris Berger
1st Charity Man—Bob Gilmore
2nd Charity Man—Jared Dominguez
Peter Cratchit—Aidan Schmidtke
Francis Cratchit—Andrew Hedin
Belinda Cratchit—Stella Clark-Kaczmarek
Tim Cratchit—Madison White
Jacob Marley—Don Keelan-White
Ghost of Christmas Past—Lori Lynn Ahrends
School boy—Tyson Bentley
School boy—Judson Cloudt
School boy—Brohdi McClymont
School boy—Lincoln Hoffart
School boy—Andrew Hedin
Ebby—Cal Hernandez
Fan—Maddie Smith
Dick Wilkins—Brendan Brown
Mr. Fezziwig—Bob Gilmore
Mrs. Fezziwig—Danielle Smith
Ball Musician—Janet Macklin
Ball Musician—Don Keelan White
Young Scrooge—Dane Stone    
Belle Fezziwig—Emma Johnson
Ghost of Christmas Present—Bob Gilmore
Mrs. Cratchit—Christina Rohling
Martha Cratchit —Chloe Irwin
Millie—Lauren Tayler Anderson
Lucy—Analisa Peyton
Topper—Jason DeLong
Myrtle Crow—Janet Macklin
Mrs. Dilber —Meganne Horrocks Storm
Man at Cart—Jared Dominguez
Man at Cart —Mark Haufle
Man at Cart—Stephen Paal
Child with Sled—Pieper Roeder
Adult Ensemble —Mark Haufle
Adult Ensemble—Talia Fittante
Youth Ensemble—Marie Rohling
Youth Ensemble —Benjamin Rohling
Youth Ensemble—Jane Rohling                          
Youth Ensemble—Abby Lienemann                   
Youth Ensemble—Burke Wissman
Youth Ensemble—Brinlee Roeder

Little Bo Peep—Ella Walker
Little Boy Blue—Amina Teri
Beggar—Cody Girouex
Chestnut Vendor—Isabelle Rangel
Poulterer—Brendan Brown
Greenery Vendor—Abby Lienemann       
Baker’s Wife—Danielle Smith                       
Baker —Bob Gilmore              
Toyshop Keeper—Stephen Paal

Abbey Lienemann
Marie Rohling
Jane Rohling
Brinlee Roeder

Bob Gilmore 
Danielle Smith
Don Keelan White

Dane Stone
Emma Johnson                                               
Janet Macklin
Josh Peyton
Lauren Taylor Anderson
Jason DeLong 
Analisa Peyton
Jared Dominguez
Allison Wissman
Brendan Brown
Christina Rohling
Cody Gireoux
Isabelle Rangel
Stephan Paal
Talia Fittante
Mark Haufle
Meganne Horrocks Storm

Josh Peyton                
Lauren Taylor Anderson
Jason DeLong             
Analisa Peyton
Mark Haufle
Danielle Smith
Dane Stone
Emma Johnson
Jared Dominguez
Allison Wissman
Cody Girouex
Isabelle Rangel          
Brendan Brown
Talia Fittante

Janet Macklin
Don Keelan White
Meganne Horrocks Storm
Stephan Paal
Lori Lynn Ahrends 


Mary—Amina Teri    
Joseph —Tyson Bentley
Wisemen—Cal Hernandez, Andrew Hedin, Brohdi McClymont
Innkeeper—Marie Rohling            
Shepherds—Benjamin Rohling, Burke Wissman, Lincoln Hoffart, Judson Cloudt, Madison White          
Angels—Maddie Smith, Stella Clark-Kaczmarek, Ella Walker, Abby Lienemann, Brinlee Roeder, Jane Rohling and Pieper Roeder

She Kills Monsters Cast List

AgnesCatie Zaleski
Tilly— Chloe Irwin
Narrator—Kaitlin Maher 
MilesThomas Gjere
Lilly—Riley Perez
KaliopeJaiden Lindsey 
ChuckBrendan Brown 
Orcus—Kevin Goshorn
Vera/FarrahCarrie Beth Stickrod
Evil TinaAva Burk
Evil GabbiAmanda Overfield
SteveWill Rodgers
Monster/Bug Ensemble—Jake Parker, Ben Battafarano, Mark Porter Jr.,

OCP Directing Fellowship

Omaha Community Playhouse Directing Fellowship Announced

In an effort to support the development of future Omaha directors, Omaha Community Playhouse is excited to announce the Omaha Community Playhouse Directing Fellowship, providing early and mid- career directors with the opportunity to develop their skills by directing an OCP Alternative Programming production, as well as assisting directing a regular OCP season musical or play. 

The 2018/19 Directing Fellowship inaugural class includes Emily Mokrycki, Breanna Carodine, Christopher Scott, Kaitlyn McClincy, Kevin Goshorn, Joey Galda, Caitlin Mabon, Mackenzie Dehmer and Marie Amthor Schuett. The directing fellows will be working alongside OCP lead directors Kimberly Faith Hickman, Roxanne Wach, Beth Thompson, Ablan Roblin, Anthony Clark-Kaczmarek and Amy Lane. 

“Theatrical directing is a difficult field to enter and one that leaves many people unsure of how to even begin. I believe that OCP has a responsibility to support the development of community-based artists, and I am thrilled that we are able to provide this opportunity,” said OCP Artistic Director Kimberly Faith Hickman.  

In addition to directing a staged reading of a play or musical for OCP’s Alternative Programming season, the fellowship provides the opportunity to assistant direct, which includes access to an entire pre-production and rehearsal process as a lead director directs a play or musical. This fellowship will present a new generation of gifted artists with a unique education and understanding of the directorial skills necessary to create theatre, the workings of Omaha’s leading organization for community based theatre and education, as well as the leadership of artists shaping Omaha’s theatrical landscape.

Applicants admitted into the program will be put into a pool from which OCP’s Artistic Director will select Fellows for the upcoming season. Generally, Fellows will direct a production in the OCP Alternative Programming season, as well as assist a lead director for one regular season production. While directing an Alt Programming production, a Fellows’ schedule and duties will include coordinating with the OCP Artistic Director and the Executive/Artistic Assistant regarding casting and rehearsal schedules, coordinating with the Alt Programming actors and creating a rehearsal schedule, attending all rehearsals and the performance.  While assistant directing for a regular OCP production, a Fellows’ schedule and duties may vary widely based on their personal strengths and the director they are paired with, but may include observership, dramaturgy, note-taking and generally supporting the various people in the rehearsal room.

Directing Fellowship applications for upcoming seasons are due on April 1st of each year. Applicants should send a cover letter and theatrical resume. The next application deadline will be April 1, 2019 for consideration for the 2019/20 season. Please visit www.omahaplayhouse.com for more information.

Shrek the Musical

Cast List


Shrek—Steve Krambeck
Fiona—Mackenzie Dehmer
Donkey—Jordan Smith  
Lord Farquaad—Jonathan Smith  
Dragon—Kerri Forrester
Pinocchio—Justin Dehmer
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy—Erin Florea         

Adult Ensemble   

Brian Priesman, Danielle Smith, Scott Van Den Top, Joe Mokrycki, Matthew Tolliver, Emily Mokrycki, Ejanae Hume, Sheldon Ledbetter, Olivia Howard, Cody Girouex, Valerie Braun, Boston Reid, Jared Dominguez,

Kids Ensemble

Brohdi McClymont, Cleo Washington, Bella Washington, Rylie Washington, Isabelle Rangel, Samantha Gillotte, Emma Johnson, Dina Saltzman, Tessa Priesman, Judson Cloudt, Stella Clark-Kazmarek, Francesca Kerkhoffs, Maddie Smith, Austin Lempke, Andrew Hedin    

Cast of Fun Home

CHARACTER                                       ACTOR                                 
Small Alison                                       Sasha Denenberg           
Medium Alison                                 Analisa Peyton
Adult Alison                                        Angie Heim        
Bruce Bechdel                                   Michael Trutna
Helen  Bechdel                                  Jennifer Gilg
Joan                                                     Julia Ervin           
John Bechdel                                     Tyson Bentley

Christian Bechdel                             Ryan Laughlin

Male Ensemble                                 Josh Peyton

Q&A with Camille Metoyer Moten

The Camille Metoyer Moten Songbook

June 8 - 10 | Omaha Community Playhouse | Howard Drew Theatre

Q:  Tell us about the format for your show The Camille Metoyer Moten Songbook.  What songs can we expect to hear?

A:  The show is going to be a fun, more informal version of our previous shows.  Because we are performing in the Howard Drew Theatre, there is more opportunity for audience participation and interaction. We will be performing several Streisand songs because whenever I get the opportunity to pay tribute to her I do. LOL!  We have added some new Streisand songs like "Stoney End," but we have also included some very unique song stylings of hits such as "Every Breath" and Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" as well as a few standards such as "God Bless the Child" and "Wonderful World."

Q:  How did decide what to include in this show?

A:  Basically we put together the Streisand favorites plus a few of the songs that resonate well with audiences when I sing with the Camille Metoyer Moten Band (such an original name, don’t you think?) Ha! There are also a couple of original tunes by my music director David P. Murphy in there that are beautiful and will be on my next CD, which I am currently working on. 

Q:  Who is this show a good fit for?

A:  The music in this show will be fun for not only Streisand fans but also folks who love the standards of the '40s and those that like to hear a few pop songs that have stood the test of time. Also, anyone who appreciates a smoking group of instrumentalists that know their stuff!