OCP announces cast of Mary Jane!

Congrats to the cast of the next Alternative Programming show Mary Jane—directed by Kathy Tyree!

Beaufield Berry-Fisher - Mary Jane
Camille Metoyer Moten - Ruthie/Tenkei
Sarah Ebke - Sherri/Dr. Toros
Julie Fitzgerald Ryan - Brianne/Chaya
Cecelia Poon - Amelia/ Kat
Janet Goodman - Stage Directions Reader
Maggie Carolus - Stage Manager

OCP announces the cast of A Christmas Carol

We are thrilled to announce the cast for A Christmas Carol—in the Hawks Mainstage Theatre Nov. 15 – Dec. 23! Tickets go on sale October 1!

Ebenezer Scrooge – Jerry Longe

Bob Cratchit – Steve Krambeck

Tim Cratchit / Youth Ensemble – Brinlee Roeder

Fred – Joshua "Makana" Yamasaki-Crail

Ghost of Christmas Past / Ensemble – Lori Lynn Ahrends

Ghost of Christmas Present / 1st Charity Man / Ensemble – Chris Berger

Jacob Marley / Toyshop Keeper / Ball Musician / Ensemble – Don Keelan-White

Mrs. Cratchit – Christina Rohling

Mr. Fezziwig / 2nd Charity Man / Baker / Man at Cart / Ensemble – Mark Haufle

Mrs. Fezziwig / Mrs. Dilber / Baker’s Wife / Ensemble – Carrie Trecek

Millie / Ensemble – Rachel Fox

Lucy / Ensemble – Sadie Langemo

Topper / Dick Wilkins / Ensemble – Jake Parker

Young Scrooge / Poulterer / Man at Cart / Ensemble – Brandon Fisher

Jake / Ensemble – Dale Hartshorn

Nell / Ensemble – Almeda Lopez

Belle Fezziwig / Ensemble – Roz Parr

Myrtle Crow / Ensemble – Jen Dillon

Beggar / Man at Cart / Ensemble – Enrique Madera

Martha Cratchit / Youth Ensemble – Isabelle Rangel

Peter Cratchit / Youth Ensemble – Elliot Kerkhofs

Francis Cratchit / Youth Ensemble – Will Seim

Belinda Cratchit / Youth Ensemble – Jane Rohling

Ebby / Youth Ensemble – Dominic Torres

Fan / Youth Ensemble – Pieper Roeder

Child with Sled / Youth Ensemble – Anna Krambeck

Little Bo Peep / Youth Ensemble – Meghan Essner

Little Boy Blue / Youth Ensemble – Amina Teri

School boy / Youth Ensemble – Cal Hernandez

School boy / Youth Ensemble – Judson Cloudt

School boy / Youth Ensemble – Obi Rangel

School boy / Youth Ensemble – Benjamin Rohling

Chestnut Vendor / Adult Ensemble – Daisy Sudderth

Greenery Vendor / Youth Ensemble – Ella Walker

Adult Ensemble – Atticus Walker

Youth Ensemble – Riya Kumar

Youth Ensemble – Lily Sanow

Youth Ensemble – Madison White

OCP announces The Juniors cast!

We are excited to announce the cast of our Alternative Programming season opener, The Juniors!

Brendan Brown – Chris
Kim Clark-Kaczmarek – Teachers
Francisco Franco – Matt
Thomas Gjere – Nick
Katherine Mac Holmes – Ali
Katie Otten – Lexi
Mary Kelly – Stage Direction Reader

Congratulations to these talented actors. Be sure to check out The Juniors on Monday, August 26! This event is free and open to the public with no reservations required.

OCP announces The Rocky Horror Show cast!

We are thrilled to announce the cast for The Rocky Horror Show—in the Howard Drew Theatre Oct. 4 – Nov. 10! Tickets go on sale August 27!

Frank – Benn Sieff

Eddie – Bob Gilmore

Brad – Cale Albracht

Janet – Charlotte Hedican

Magenta – Erika Hall-Sieff

Rocky – Jason Delong

Dr Scott – Jerry Van Horn

Riff – Kevin Buswell

Columbia – Olivia Howard

Narrator – Rob Baker

Translyvanian – Colin Burk

Translyvanian – Connor Meuret

Translyvanian – Ejanae Hume

Translyvanian – Erin Florea

Translyvanian – Evelyn Hill

Translyvanian – Jesse White

Translyvanian – Jessie Kellerman

Translyvanian – Julianna Cooper

Translyvanian – Lacey Kiefer

Translyvanian – Liliana McMahon

Translyvanian – Nathaniel Belshan

Translyvanian – Nina Washington

Translyvanian – Nora Shelton

Translyvanian – Raymond Butler

Translyvanian – Riley Perez

Translyvanian – Tonya Stoakes

Congratulations to this wonderful group of actors. We can't wait to see you on stage!

OCP announces Annie cast!

We are thrilled to announce the cast for our Hawks Mainstage season opener, Annie!

Stella Clark-Kaczmarek - Annie

Jay Srygley - Daddy Warbucks

Angela Jenson Frey - Grace Farrell

Allison Wissman - Miss Hannigan

Christopher Violett - Rooster

Cathy Hirsch - Lily

Brinlee Roeder - Molly

Olivia Bryant - Pepper

Cleo Washington - Tessie

Pieper Roeder - Kate

Amina Teri - July

Madalynn Johnson - Duffy

Marcus Benzel - Mr. Bundles / Cop / Jimmy Johnson / Howe /Ensemble

Mark Haufle - Drake / Man 4 / Ensemble

Peter Barrett - FDR / Lt. Ward / Judge Brandeis / Ensemble

Jared Dominguez - Bert Healy / Man 2 / Ickes / Ensemble
Sadie Langemo - NYC Soloist / Boylan Sister / Sophie / Ensemble

Mary Trecek - Boylan Sister / Woman 3 / Ensemble

Isabelle Rangel - Boylan Sister / Usherette / Ensemble

Serena Johnson - Mrs. Pugh / Perkins / Ensemble

Brittney Thompson - Cecile / Woman 1 / Ensemble

Carrie Trecek - Mrs. Greer / Woman 2 / Ensemble

Aidan Schmidtke - Apple Seller / Fred McCracken & Wacky / Ensemble

Andrew Schnitker - Dog Catcher / Man 1 / Hull / Ensemble

Sheldon Ledbetter - Eddie / Morganthau / Ensemble

Judson Cloudt - Assistant Dog Catcher / Ensemble

Otto Fox - Man 3 / Sound Effects Man/ Ensemble

Meghan Essner - Ensemble Orphan

Anina Frey - Ensemble Orphan

Annabella Mosher - Ensemble Orphan

Lily Sanow - Ensemble Orphan

Sophia Srygley - Ensemble Orphan

Madison White - Ensemble Orphan

Andrew Karolski - Ensemble

Camden Park - Ensemble

Will Seim - Ensemble

Congratulations to this wonderful group of actors. We can't wait to see you on stage!

Celebrate Billy McGuigan’s 500th Show at OCP!

Billy McGuigan will celebrate his 500th Omaha Community Playhouse (OCP) performance on Saturday, August 17 during Billy McGuigan’s Rock Twist!

McGuigan, now an internationally-recognized touring musician, first appeared on the OCP stage in Sweet Charity in 1994. But it was his portrayal of Buddy Holly that truly jumpstarted his career. After starring in The Buddy Holly Story in 2002, McGuigan decided to produce his own original Buddy Holly tribute show, and Rave On! was born. The show was wildly successful, appearing in ten different seasons at OCP over the next two decades.

Lightning struck again for McGuigan with the creation of yet another OCP fan favorite—Yesterday And Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience. This iconic all-request Beatles tribute show has run for 12 consecutive seasons at OCP and is set to return for 2019.

McGuigan’s 500th OCP performance will happen during his latest original hit show, Billy McGuigan’s Rock Twist—now in its third season at OCP. A high-energy concoction of rock ‘n’ roll mega hits with a big band twist, Billy McGuigan’s Rock Twist is a live concert experience covering everything from The Beach Boys to Billy Joel. This Summer’s show features an all-new set list and introduces the Pop Rock Orchestra—a 15-piece lineup of all-star musicians.

Tickets to Billy McGuigan’s Rock Twist—including McGuigan’s 500th show on August 17th—are available online at OmahaPlayhouse.com or through the OCP Box Office at (402) 553-0800 or 6915 Cass St., Omaha, NE 68132.

OCP celebrates Volunteers at 2018/19 Awards Night

Congratulations to the OCP Award recipients for the 2018/19 season!

For the most outstanding performance of the season
·         Steve Krambeck, One Man Two Guvnors
·         Mackenzie Dehmer, Shrek The Musical

For a memorable performance in a feature role   
·         Thomas Gjere and James Verderamo, The Bridges of Madison County (musical)
·         Mackenzie Dehmer and Angela Jenson Frey, The Bridges of Madison County (musical)
·         Tony Schik, Of Mice and Men (play)
·         Julie Fitzgerald Ryan, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (play)

For outstanding performance in a supporting role   
·         J. Isaiah Smith, Shrek The Musical (musical)
·         Joey Hartshorn, The Bridges of Madison County (musical)
·         Chris Shonka, One Man, Two Guvnors (play)
·         Cathy Hirsch, One Man, Two Guvnors (play)

For a memorable performance in a small role
·         Jordan Smith, Ragtime (musical)
·         Analisa Peyton, The Bridges of Madison County (musical)
·         Bill Hutson, One Man, Two Guvnors (play)
·         Connie Lee, One Man, Two Guvnors (play)

For the most outstanding performance by a youth in the season   
·         Dominic Torres, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
·         Sasha Denenberg, Fun Home

For outstanding performance in a first appearance on an OCP Stage
·         Michael Trutna, Fun Home (musical)
·         Kerri Forrester, Shrek The Musical (musical)
·         Steve Catron, Of Mice and Men (play)
·         Daena Schweiger, Men On Boats (play)

For outstanding performance in a first appearance on an OCP stage   
·         Austin Lempke, Shrek The Musical
·                                 Jaiden Lindsey, She Kills Monsters

To recognize excellence in performance at the discretion of the artistic director
·         Mike Palmreuter

Awarded periodically in recognition of exceptional contribution on stage   
·         Sheldon Ledbetter

For corporations, foundations and individuals whose partnership and contribution have nurtured and sustained ongoing development of OCP
·         CHI Health

To recognize distinguished service to the Omaha Community Playhouse
·         Mark Laughlin

To recognize extraordinary leadership and work for the Playhouse in areas outside of performance or production
·         Norma Riley

To recognize outstanding backstage work
·         Kevin Study
·         Roger Downer

To recognize exceptional contributions to the Omaha Community Playhouse’s commitment to accessibility
·         Donna Hultman

·         Emma Evans
·         Cricket Gielle
·         Jack Griggs
·         Samantha Khalil
·         Angela Leuschen
·         Madeline McCrae
·         Mike Neeson
·         Devin Santana
·         Krisanne Weimer
       ·         Lisa Wisnia