OCP announces cast of Women Laughing Alone with Salad

Congrats to the cast of Women Laughing Alone with Salad, a part of OCP's Alternative Programming Series.

Chelsey Walker - Tori
Allison Helligso - Sandy
Catherine Nilius - Meredith
Nick Zadina - Guy

OCP announces cast of Native Gardens

OCP is thrilled to announce the cast of Native Gardens, directed by Ablan Roblin and opening in the Howard Drew Theatre Feb.14–March 15, 2020!

Alyssa Gonzalez—Tania Del Valle
Giovanni Quezada—Pablo Del Valle
Mary Kelly—Virginia Butley
Dennis Collins —Frank Butley

OCP announces cast of A Raisin in the Sun

OCP is thrilled to announce the cast of A Raisin in the Sun, directed by Tyrone Beasley and opening on the Hawks Mainstage Jan. 17 to Feb. 9, 2020!

Brandon Williams—George Murchison
Brodhi McClymont—Travis Younger
Chris Scott—Karl Lindner
Darcell Trotter—Bobo
David Terrell Green—Walter Lee Younger
Donté Lee Plunkett Joseph Asagai
Faushia Weeden—Ruth Younger
Karen Fox—Lena Younger
Olivia Howard—Beneatha Younger
Richard Borg—Moving Man

OCP announces cast of Once

OCP is thrilled to announce the cast of Once—opening on the Hawks Mainstage Feb. 28 - March 22, 2020! The cast themselves ALSO double as the musicians for the performance!

Girl – Melissa King
Guy – Jay Hanson
Billy – Sean Johnson
Baruska – Joey Hartshorn
Da – Don Keelan-White
Bank Manager – Tom Gjere
Ex-Girlfriend – Hannah McQuay-Ramsgard
Svec – Jesse White
Andrej – Jonathan Berger
Reza – Ejanae Hume
Emcee – Nathaniel Belshan
Ivanka – Anina Frey, Holly Hirsch, Brinlee Roeder
Eamon / Music Director – Jim Boggess

Congratulations to all!

OCP hosts A Christmas Carol sensory-friendly performance

OCP, in partnership with Autism Action Partnership, will host a sensory-friendly performance of A Christmas Carol on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019 at 7 p.m.

This special performance is designed to create an experience that is welcoming to those with autism spectrum disorders, sensory sensitivities and other special needs. Accommodations for this performance will include the following:
  • House lights will remain on at a low level in the theatre throughout the performance.
  • Off-stage volunteers will raise glow sticks one minute prior to potentially triggering events in the production such as loud noises, bright lighting, strobe lighting, etc.
  • Sensory kits will be available for those attending.
  • Designated quiet zones will be available in the lobby areas outside of the theatre throughout the performance.
The Omaha Community Playhouse strives to create performing arts experiences that are enjoyable for all members of our community. For more information on the sensory-friendly performance, please contact the OCP Box Office at (402) 553-0800.

OCP announces cast of Feathers and Teeth!

Congratulations to the cast of Feathers and Teeth—OCP's next Alternative Programming event on October 28!

Actor - Character

Meganne Rebecca Horrocks - Carol
Joe Breci - Arthur
DeJayla White - Chris
Justin Eller - Hugo
Katie Cameron - Stage Directions Reader

OCP announces cast of Mary Jane!

Congrats to the cast of the next Alternative Programming show Mary Jane—directed by Kathy Tyree!

Beaufield Berry-Fisher - Mary Jane
Camille Metoyer Moten - Ruthie/Tenkei
Sarah Ebke - Sherri/Dr. Toros
Julie Fitzgerald Ryan - Brianne/Chaya
Cecelia Poon - Amelia/ Kat
Janet Goodman - Stage Directions Reader
Maggie Carolus - Stage Manager