Playhouse Honors Volunteers at “Awards Night 2009”

The Omaha Community Playhouse honored its 2008-2009 Season volunteers at the annual "Awards Night" ceremony on Monday evening, June 29. "Awards Night" is an annual tribute to the thousands of volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the Playhouse. Recognition is given for outstanding service in many areas where volunteers impact the organization as well as for memorable performances from the season.
Following is a complete list of award recipients:
Dick Boyd Award
Recipient: Dawn Buller-Kirke

President’s Award
Recipient: Vernie Jones

Trustees Award
Recipient: Mike McMeekin
Edward F. Owen Award
Recipient: Interstate Printing Company

Fonda McGuire Award
For the most outstanding performance of the season. Named for Henry Fonda and Dorothy McGuire, the Playhouse’s most eminent alumni.
Female: Judy Radcliff, for her performance as Rose in Gypsy
Male: Tim Abou-Nasr for his performance as Bat Boy in Bat Boy
Mary Peckham Award
For a memorable performance in a feature role.
Female Musical: Theresa Sindelar for her performance as Meredith Parker in Bat Boy
Male Musical: Rob Baker for his performance as Henry W. Schlemmer in The Cocoanuts
Female Play: Denise Chapman for her performance as Esther in Intimate Apparel
Male Play: Thomas Becker for his performance as Juror #8 in Twelve Angry Men
Barbara Ford Award
For outstanding performance in a supporting role.
Female Play: Lanette Metoyer Moore for her performance as Mrs. Dickson in Intimate Apparel
Male Play: Doug Blackburn for his performance as Juror #3 in Twelve Angry Men
Female Musical: Kirstin Kluver for her performance as Louise in Gypsy
Male Musical: Don Harris for his performance as Herbie in Gypsy
Clarence Teal Cameo Award
For memorable performance in a small role.
Female Play: Julie Adams for her role as Mayme in Intimate Apparel
Male Play: Kent Hanon for his role as Juror #9 in Twelve Angry Men
Female Musical: Cathy Hirsch for her role as June in Gypsy
Male Musical: Steve Krambeck for his role as Rick Taylor/Lorraine in Bat Boy
Bill Bailey Debut Award
For outstanding performance in a FIRST appearance on the Playhouse Stage.
Female Winner: Ashton Taylor for her role as Baby June in Gypsy
Male Winner: John Davis for his role as Foreman in Twelve Angry Men
Backstage Valuable Service Awards, Out Front Valuable Service Awards, and Stage Managers Awards were also presented.

Omaha Community Playhouse Anthem

On Monday, June 29, the Omaha Community Playhouse Anthem video premiered at the annual Volunteer Awards Night. Here is the first version of the video (other cuts coming soon).

Music by Jim Boggess, Lyrics by Susan Baer Collins
Performed by Omaha Community Playhouse Performers
Vocals recorded at Ware House Productions
Video recorded by Delinea Design