Stones in His Pockets

Nils Halaand and Nick Zadina talk about the challenges of  portraying the many characters in the play Stones in His Pockets.  This discussion took place in the Howard Drew Theater at the Omaha Playhouse before a performance.


Anonymous said...

We left during the intermission of the performance on 10/31/08. This was the most disappointing play that we have ever experienced at the Playhouse. It was very difficult to make any sense out of it at all. Obviously we weren't the only ones, as in our row alone, I noticed 3 people nodding their heads and falling asleep! What a waste of our money and such a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I saw “Stones in His Pockets” with my 82 year old Mother and we both enjoyed it very much. I had seen the play once before in London's West End and was not sure she would be able to follow the rapid pace and quick shifting change of characters. Not so. We had a very lively discussion about the play during the ride home about the actor’s funniest moments and the poignancy that eventually brought us to tears. There was no time for napping. It was a terrific evening at the theater. And I should add if one must nap, there are much cheaper alternatives!