Severed Cow Head Arrives at the Playhouse

I was paged to the executive assistant's desk the other day and what did I find when I got there? A severed cow's head being pulled out of a box! Technically I guess it's a bull's head but, trust me, it really doesn't matter. Either way it is a pretty gross rendering of the real thing.

Why, you ask, is the Playhouse having bloody fake animal parts delivered? It's all because of a little show we're doing February 20-March 29 called Bat Boy-The Musical. It's a silly and strange musical I've been looking forward to since the day I read the script. I can't wait to see how Carl Beck, the director, brings these outrageous characters to life. I also can't wait to see what Bat Boy looks like!

As one of the employees in the administrative offices, I'm not privvy to what's happening in the Playhouse's artistic world until it starts happening. Needless to say, I get excited when I see the cast list or catch snippets of a rehearsal and I am always amazed at the talent of our staff and technical apprentices when I take a jaunt downstairs to the scene shop, paint shop and costume shop. It's great fun to see all that goes into making a production come together to appear on one of our stages.

I hope you plan on seeing Bat Boy if it appeals to you and if not, hey, we've got Blithe Spirit running in our Mainstage Theatre through February 15. Classic Noel Coward--can't go wrong with that!!

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