Bat Boy Has Finally Arrived!

Tim Abou-Nasr is Bat Boy- Photo by Andrew Marinkovich
Okay, I'm probably going on and on about this show, but I attended the Preview Performance on Thursday night and I am still laughing about it! The leads are fantastic, of course, but the show features an ensemble cast that are hilarious in their own right. I will be seeing it multiple times so I can watch different actors to see their expressions and listen more closely to hear some of the lyrics and lines I missed because I was laughing so hard.

There were a few mishaps in what was technically the final rehearsal, but nothing that couldn't be overlooked. Kudos to the musicians and cast that didn't flinch when a too hot spot exploded towards the end of a song. For safety reasons the show was stopped to clean up the glass and ensure no one was hurt. The audience adjusted just fine into the next scene when the show was resumed, however, and you could hear the excited chatter about what we'd seen so far during the house-lights-up-clean-up.

The performance was a benefit for Playhouse staff member and friend of the Omaha Theatre community, Lara Marsh. We raised almost $2,300 through ticket purchases, a portion of the bar tab, and the generosity of those in the audience last night. Thanks to all for helping us get closer to our goal of $100,000 for Lara's double lung transplant. I'm telling you now--buy your tickets for Bat Boy- The Musical. This is going to be a smash hit and tickets will be hard to come by at the end of the run!

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