Late Nite Catechism

Last night I watched as people greeted Sister at the end of the Late Nite Catechism performance. I've done this several times before and I just love how the audience defers to the actress who plays Sister, Mary Zentmyer. This show is A LOT of fun whether you attended parochial school or not, but you can definitely tell those who are experiencing flashbacks to their school-age years. You can feel the teenage angst in many of the audience members as they come out of the theatre!

At intermission, I saw two women who had shown a little too much skin. They had to cover up with a napkin kindly provided by Sister during the show. They obviously thought that part ended when the show did and I couldn't stop laughing as Sister made them put the napkins back on as they left the building! They were good sports about it and will definitely be talking about their experience at the show. I'm sure their friends won't forget very easily either!

Late Nite Catechism runs through July 12 and we have a special fundraiser performance and Fish Fry on Tuesday, July 7. Get your tickets to support the Playhouse here.

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