OCP Summer Campers fill the role of Joseph's Youth Chorus

Between June 29th and July 24th, over 90 students (ages 9-18) participated in one of three summer camps geared to prepare them for our fall production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Sound crazy? Read on!

When the Playhouse produced Joseph back in the early '90s, then-guest music director Jim Boggess and guest choreographer Kathy Wheeldon traveled to local elementary schools during the school year to work with the participating choirs over the course of several months. This time, however, working during the school year wasn't an option due to the early fall opening of the show. That's when the Playhouse turned to the First Stage Theatre Academy and Joseph Bootcamp. Over the course of each camp, students learned music and choreography which would be used in the fall production. Camp staff members Roxanne Nielsen, Jim Boggess, Vincent Carlson-Brown, Becky Noble, and Julie Andresen definitely put them through their paces!

So, what happens between July 24th and opening night on September 25th? Students are required to attend at least three out of five "brush-up" rehearsals in order review all of the material, in addition to practicing on their own. Each student has signed up for one of three groups which will perform twice a week throughout the run of the show. That's three groups of 30+ students, onstage two times a week for five weeks!

The Playhouse is thrilled to welcome these enthusiastic students back to the building - break a leg, kids!

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