A Conversation with Scrooge and Bob

Breaking News:
Good day, fair residents of London. I’m Edward Snodgrass. We have breaking news to report on this Christmas morning. There seems to be some sort of disturbance at the Cratchit house. We are going live to our gentleman on the scene, Herbert Chesterfield. Herbert can you hear me?

HC: Yes, Edward. There is a lot of commotion happening at the Cratchit home. It seems as if every vendor in town has made their way into the little house.

I am now entering the home of Bob and Mrs. Cratchit. I see toys, dolls and a turkey the size of a small boy! Jake is here with his ale and the Beggar is here as well. Oh my goodness, Mr. Scrooge is here…and he’s smiling!?! Yes you heard it here first, humbug himself, Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge, is at the Cratchit family home and seems to be almost joyous. Let’s see if we can get an interview…

HC: Ebenezer, what is happening here? Have you lost your mind?
ES: I’ve been filled with the spirit of Christmas and plan on making amends for my past cold-heartedness. I’ve not lost my mind---I’ve found it!

HC: Why have you come to the house of Bob Cratchit this morning?
ES: Because of Tiny Tim and the chance to help this family! Please know this is only the first good deed in a long line of many.

HC: What do you plan to do next?
ES: Have Christmas dinner at my nephew, Fred’s house. I then plan to play a good game of Blind Man’s Bluff.

HC: Ebenezer, have you changed your outlook on business:
ES: I learned something this evening past from my good friend and loyal business partner, Jacob Marley. Scrooge and Marley’s will continue with the mission of improving life for London’s people. God Bless us everyone!

HC: I will now talk with Bob Cratchit to get his reaction.

HC: Bob, what is going through your mind?
BC: I am speechless!

HC: Mr. Scrooge referred to helping your family especially Tiny Tim. Can you elaborate on this?
BC: Mr. Scrooge has arranged for Tiny Tim to be seen by the best doctor in London!

HC: What will you do now?
BC: I plan to enjoy this holiday with my wonderful family.

HC: There you have it folks. The spirit of Christmas found its way into the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge and he is spreading his joy with others. This is Herbert Chesterfield saying thank you and Happy Christmas!

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