Which Came First?

With our 86th season underway, I can't help but notice a trend in this season's productions. Many of the plays we are doing are not only for the stage; they are also movies, books and television series. So it got me thinking...which came first? I didn't know the answer to most of these. In fact, I didn't know some of the plays were also movies at all. Did you?

Here's a run down of some of this season's shows and if the play was the original or was inspired by a different medium. I put the answers further down in the post so you can test your knowledge.

Footloose, The Musical: Everyone knows Kevin Bacon for his iconic role as Ren in the movie Footloose, but did Ren dance into our hearts first on the big screen or on the stage?

A Thousand Clowns: Murray and Nick captured audiences with their rendition of Yes Sir, That's My Baby, but where did they perform it first? In the play or the movie?

The Odd Couple: Where did Felix and Oscar have their first lovers' quarrel? Was in the play, the film or the television series?

Steel Magnolias: Ouiser! The film is loaded with a superstar cast including Julia Roberts, Sally Field and Dolly Parton, among others, but did were those superstars inspired by the stage production or vice versa?

Tuesdays with Morrie: This touching story of Morrie and Mitch is tough to even think about without getting inspired and a little choked up, but who was weeping first? Book readers, movie goers or play patrons?

Guys & Dolls: A classic no doubt, but did these guys and dolls make their debut in the play or the movie?

Which Came First? Answer Key
Footloose, The Musical: The movie. The 1984 hit movie was adapted for the stage in 1998.

A Thousand Clowns: The play. Herb Gardner wrote the play in 1962 and then adapted it for film in 1965.

The Odd Couple: The play. Neil Simon's play hit Broadway in 1965, the movie followed in 1968 and the television series ran from 1970 to 1975.

Steel Magnolias: The play. Surprised? I was. The 1989 film was based off the 1987 off-Broadway production by Robert Harling.

Tuesdays with Morrie: The book. This Mitch Albom bestseller was published in 1997, followed by the 1999 movie, followed by the 2002 stage production.

Guys & Dolls: The play. This Tony Award-winning musical debuted in 1950 on stage and 1955 on the big screen.

Now that you know which came first, be sure not to miss any of these hits at the Playhouse this season!

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