Your Donation of Any Amount CAN Help the Playhouse!

Although I’ve been the development director for the past four years at the Omaha Community Playhouse, I have shied away from including any personal connections in our fundraising appeals, believing it more important to focus on the great organization that is OCP. My thought was that “it’s not about me, it’s about the Playhouse.” I still believe in principle that is and should be the case.

However, as I continue to talk to our supporters, it is becoming clear to me that we DO need to be talking about contributing to the Playhouse on a personal level because the majority of people still do not understand one of our core messages: donations of every size really do matter and make a difference.

This point was driven home to me recently as my very own mother apologized to me regarding the size of her donation. She, like many of our patrons, bought a season package and rounded up with a contribution to make her check an even $200. She then was surprised (and I believe a little embarrassed) when she received a thank you letter from me and a personal thank you call from Tim Schmad, our President. She told me “It wasn’t anything; you shouldn’t waste your time thanking me.” Unfortunately, we hear something similar from many of our donors.

Here are some facts to perhaps help you understand that we really mean it when we say that donations of every amount are needed and appreciated:
•Last year, 61% of all the donations OCP received were equal to or less than $100.
•Of NEW donors who gave a gift with their season ticket package, 87% of those gifts were equal to or less than $100.

You may have heard the saying “It takes a village…” The same is true of our friends at OCP. Yes, we need donors who can give more than $100. But we also need all those donors who give at whatever level they can. Both large and “small” gifts are significant to helping us provide our community with high-quality entertainment and educational opportunities.

Will you consider making a donation, of any amount, to OCP today? Click here to complete a secure online donation or feel free to send a check to my attention to 6915 Cass Street, Omaha, NE 68132. Thank you for your consideration and support.


Alena Furlong
Development Director

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