Marley Joins the Family

Don Keelan-White as Jacob Marley. Photo by Christian Robertson
I am a retired teacher from York and I traveled to Omaha in September to audition for A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Imagine my surprise and elation when I received a call saying the Playhouse would like for me to join the cast as Marley. But in the back of my mind, I must confess, I wondered how I would be received in Omaha, if I would be viewed as an outsider, perhaps even sense a bit of resentment from a few along the way. I am pleased to report that I have been warmly welcomed into the circle of cast and staff. Everyone has treated me kindly and patiently and graciously and enthusiastically, and even helped me find housing during my time in Omaha. That first open cast meeting when I saw children of all ages returning and greeting each other with smiles and laughter and warm embraces, I realized this is not just a cast of just another show, but a family that looks forward to joining together to celebrate this unique experience. And now I get to become a part of that family, and I am feeling so lucky, so fortunate to be included. 

Don Keelan-White
The Ghost of Jacob Marley, 2012

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