The “Baer Pit”

Musical Director Jim Boggess shows Marcia Baer the new “Baer Pit” while son, John B. Baer looks on.

On Thursday, September 11, 2008 the Omaha Community Playhouse held a dedication ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of a newly renovated Mainstage Orchestra Pit. The renovation was made possible through the generosity of the Alan and Marcia Baer Foundation and the Douglas County Commissioners Visitors Improvement Fund.

The renovation included:
•new safety lift protection
•new wider and less steep stairway
•new emergency exit
•new piano stages
•new instrument storage cabinets
•new acoustical panels
•fire sprinkler
•heating and air conditioning updates
•new electrical outlets in floor
•new pit cover support system
•general aesthetics

Guests toast the new “Baer Pit”

The Orchestra Pit was officially named “The Baer Pit.” The unveiling was attended by members of the Baer family, including Marcia Baer, and Douglas County Commissioner Pam Tusa with her spouse Gary Tusa. The dedication was followed by a party and preview performance of the Playhouse’s Mainstage season opener, The Cocoanuts. Many Omaha Community Playhouse “donors” and “friends of the Playhouse” were in attendance.


Anonymous said...

I was checking up on Marcia on Google and came across this wonderful article about her gift to The Omaha Community Playhouse. Her late husband Alan, her family and Marcia are all one of a kind people who have done so much for Omaha. They are always in my thoughts and prayers, and I know they are deeply appreciated by their fellow Omahans.

Bob McGuire
Sarasota, FL
formerly of Omaha

Omaha Community Playhouse said...

We are very grateful and appreciative of all the Baer’s have done for the Playhouse and the city of Omaha over the years. They have created quite a legacy of generosity.

Thank you for your comment, Bob!!