The Cocoanuts- Interview with Director Carl Beck

The Cocoanuts cast:

Robert Adams- Tim Abou-Nasr

Henry Schlemmer- Rob Baker

Silent Sam- Anthony Clark-Kaczmarek

Harvey Yates- Ryan Eberhart

Willy the Shill- Gordon Krentz

Hennessey- Stan Lassergard

Eddie-Austin Learned

Mrs. Potter- Barb Ross

Penelope- Theresa Sindelar

Jamison- Frederick Slegers

Polly Potter- Courtney Stein

Sailor- Logan Vamosi

The Ensemble- Samantha Brown, Nora Shelton, Samantha French, Debbie Massey, Joseph T. O'Connor, Jenny Priesman, Jared Walter, David James Zenchuck, Jr.

The Cocoanuts is directed by Carl Beck. The show is stage managed by Mary Dew.


Anonymous said...

Si tratta di un magnifico e beutiful OMAGGIO A Fratelli Groucho. Con grande anticipazione Io sono venuto a vederlo.

Giovanni G.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I don't think I would have come to see this show if it weren't for this video. It was interesting, pointed out things I wouldn't know otherwise and informed me in a fun way what the show was about. Please do this again!

georgie girl said...

I miss OCP! I wish I could come and see the looks fantastic! Actually, I wish I could work on it!

Much love from England,

Georgie Lord
(former OCP Apprentice)