Shadow Interpreted Performance of “A CHRISTMAS CAROL”

On Sunday, December 14th at 6:30 p.m., the Omaha Community Playhouse is proud to present a “shadow-interpreted” performance of “A CHRISTMAS CAROL”. Skilled theatrical sign language interpreters are on stage, in costume, and blended into the show where they “shadow” the major characters and perform along with them using American Sign Language. The theatrical interpreters, gifted actors and sign language interpreters with years of experience, block themselves into the scenes and under the lights to allow the audience to see the signing. The hearing cast, especially the child actors, also sign and voice their lines whenever possible.

For the deaf, a shadow-interpreted performance is the next best thing to seeing deaf actors perform deaf theater. For the hearing, especially those whose only exposure to sign language is an interpreter signing in the little window in the corner of a TV screen, a shadow-interpreted performance offers a glimpse of the power, beauty and expressiveness of American Sign Language.

This is the ninth consecutive year that the Omaha Community Playhouse has offered this special performance to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Thanks go to the following sponsors for their support of this special event: TARGET, DOBLEMAN HEAD AND NECK CANCER INSTITUTE AND DOWNTOWN ROTARY.

Stones in His Pockets

Nils Halaand and Nick Zadina talk about the challenges of  portraying the many characters in the play Stones in His Pockets.  This discussion took place in the Howard Drew Theater at the Omaha Playhouse before a performance.