OCP announces Men on Boats cast

We are thrilled to announce the cast for Men on Boats, directed by Amy Lane.

John Wesley Powell - Teri Fender

William Dunn - Carrie Beth Stickrod

John Colton Sumner - Beth Thompson

Old Shady - Daena Schweiger

Bradley - Breanna Carodine

O.G. Howland/Tsauwiat - Esther Aruguete

Seneca Howland/The Bishop - Yone Edegbele

Frank Goodman/Mr. Asa - K A Walsh

Hall - Robyn Helwig

Hawkins - Sarah Klocke

Men on Boats opens May 3 and runs through May 26, 2019 in the Howard Drew Theatre at Omaha Community Playhouse. Tickets start at $18 and can be purchased through the Box Office at (402) 553-0800 or online.

Adventure, bravery and humorous absurdity… led by an all-female cast, Men on Boats is the “true-ish” story of ten explorers on four boats charting the course of the Colorado River in 1869. Guided by a one-armed captain, the outlandish but loyal crew encounters various disasters, conflicts and harrowing adventures along the way.